For You  a song recorded during first recording sessions of demos Seattle WA during 2007 for Heaven On Planet Earth…


A Million Years  a song recorded at Seattle WA during 2007 sessions…


Above  a song recorded at Seattle WA during 2007 sessions… 


Heart Feel  a song recorded at Bainbridge Island WA during 2008…


Repent  a song recorded at Olympia WA during 2010… 


Shape Shifter  a song recorded at Olympia WA during 2011…


Music Film Projects

Here is a link to KeepVid to save These Projects, share, enjoy…  The First Music Film Project Project: Zions Of Life  The Second Music Film Project Project: Glow Ball Luna Sea  The Third Music Film Project Project: Multiphues Of Seven  Your donations go towards this Work moving forward,  keep For The Love Of God Records Music and Projects vision alive and flourishing. Share and reach all beings on this planet with the choice to transform unconsciousness to Consciousness, thus experiencing the joy of being present with the source of all creation, Thank You…

Music CD’s

There are CD’s & DVD’s available for purchase at BandCamp . There is an abundance of Music recorded from 2007 to the present, and much of this Music will be shared with you as Work proceeds on Mastered recordings of For The Love Of God Music…

Decade + Two Of Inspirealization

Decade + Two Of Inspirealization CD’s and digital downloads available here Decade + Two Of Inspirealization Appreciate purchases as well as reviews and ideas for future Work.

Thank You,

Jerry Jay Hanson

4 thought on “Music”

  1. Ya Tafari says:

    Hello, hope all is wellness. I would like to send you my music.
    I am a psalmist I play piano, harp, guitar and sing. Call me
    248 979 0481 thanks.

    1. Solstar says:

      Hi,hope you are well,are you looking to collaborate or promote your Music non-dependantly through For The Love Of God Records,you can send some of your Music as an attachment to the email address on the website
      Thank You,
      Jerry Jay Hanson

      1. Marian says:

        I am a good singer and i have written good gospel songs.Please,what is your email address so i can send my music to you.I will be glad to hear from you soon.


        1. Solstar says:

          Hi Marian, hope you are well, working on the website, here is an email address, take care
          Thank You,
          Jerry Jay Hanson

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